Interested in being a host in our local network? We make it simple for you to participate, and the benefits are extensive. Watch a demo of the system and contact us today!

We utilize digital screens and robust software to offer you precise control of your in-store messages and advertising. Talk to us about setting up our system in your business or organization.

Your options:

a Host a screen and have a custom area of the screen for your own in store content ($100/month) — update daily easily using twitter or our custom software

b Host a screen without a custom area for your own content ($20/month)

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Benefits of Digital Signage

  • Reduction In Perceived Wait Times
  • Improved Visit Experience
  • Increased Sales
  • More Service Inquiries
  • Improved Branding Recall
  • Green Technology: reduces paper waste
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Cleaner Store Image: fewer paper posters & flyers
  • Fewer redundant inquiries
  • Increase customer loyalty with local business advertising


  • Daily Specials & Promotions
  • Inventory Management (e.g. “Bananas 2 for 1 today only” )
  • Highlight your other services
  • Driving Conditions / Mileage / Destinations
  • Weather Conditions and Alerts
  • Safety: Megan's Alerts / Public Safety / Weather Advisory
  • Digital Posters can answer redundant questions and save your clerks time
  • Build Relationships in Your Community (e.g. "Congratulations to the Hawks on their State Title win this weekend!")