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18 Reasons To Update Your Political Strategy – Why Online Digital Media Is So Effective for Political Candidates

With the large amount of media choices available, it can be a huge challenge for a candidate to guess which ones will be most effective.  Choosing the right source to advertise with can make the difference between reaches hundres vs reaches thousands of your supporters.  Skilled, veteran managers understand that these decisions are critical to be competitive in today’s political contents.  Below are 18 reasons to consider online digital media as your first choice to reach your audience.

Montana voters tend to be no nonsense, No Bull Type of people who want the message straight, and in an authentic delivery platform.  People are viewing with great skepticism the traditional media formats and techniques.  Even if we don’t intend to, it’s possible to alienate voters accidentally by simply being ignorant of their thoughts on issues or their thoughts on media channels.
 Whether it’s the content of your message, or the channel you deliver it on, it’s important to make sure they you deliver your message in the way voters communicate, at the time they’ll benefit from it, and in a space they frequent.  

1 – Expanded Local Reach: Leverage digital media to reach a broad audience across Montana, ensuring your campaign message reaches every corner of the state, including remote areas.

2 – Targeted Messaging: Utilize digital tools to tailor messages for specific demographics within Montana, increasing the relevance and impact of your campaign.

3 – Enhanced Retention with Motion Video: Use motion video in your digital ads to capitalize on the 70% higher retention rate, ensuring your message sticks with Montanans.  Video communicates more with the tone of your voice, the expressions of your face and all of the things a photo can’t.

4 – Immediate Feedback: Digital platforms provide real-time analytics, allowing you to gauge how your campaign is resonating and make timely adjustments.

5 – Cost-Efficient Campaigns: Digital ads offer a cost-effective way to reach potential voters, crucial for optimizing your campaign budget in Montana.

6 – Relatability:  Social Media tends to be for more organic and is viewed as authentic by the audience compared to traditional media which presents a more rigid or scripted approach.  Especially with those under 50, this bridges the gap and creates the trust and connection required for the modern voter.

7 – Diverse Content Formats: Engage Montanans with various content formats, from videos to interactive content, making your campaign more dynamic and engaging.

8 – Public Perception/Relevancy:  Statistics show a huge movement from traditional media outlets to the online world.  Your constituents live there. Seeing their leaders where they live everyday provides connectedness for relevant reputation building.

9 – Mobile-Friendly: With increasing mobile internet usage in Montana, ensure your campaign is accessible and engaging on all devices.

10 – Agile Campaign Management: The flexibility of digital media allows for swift campaign modifications in response to the evolving political environment or voter feedback.  Responding to an opponents messaging can’t take days or weeks.  Online media allows for quick strategic adjustments

11 – Influencer Outreach: Collaborate with Montana-based influencers to extend your campaign’s reach and add authenticity, leveraging their local follower base.

12 – Direct Engagement: Utilize platforms like X and Instagram for direct interaction with voters, fostering a sense of community and engagement.


13 – Viral Opportunities: Utilize digital media’s potential for content to go viral, amplifying your campaign’s reach across Montana without additional costs.

14 – Insightful Data: Harness analytics to gain insights into Montanans’ online behaviors and preferences, tailoring your campaign for maximum impact.

15 – Statewide Reach: Overcome Montana’s geographical challenges with digital platforms, ensuring your message reaches voters throughout the state.

16 – Less Paper Waste: Reduce the need for physical campaign materials with digital advertising, contributing to sustainability and reducing paper waste.

17 – Retargeting Options: Digital platforms allow for retargeting, enabling you to reconnect with individuals who have previously engaged with your campaign, reinforcing your message and doubling down on supporters.

18 – Innovative Strategies: Stay ahead of the curve by employing the latest digital tools and trends, ensuring your campaign resonates with Montana’s digitally savvy electorate.

18 Reasons To Update Your Political Strategy – Why Online Digital Media Is So Effective for Political Candidates