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We’ve made more mistakes than you, and learned from them–so you don’t have to.  I’ve approached our agency in a very similar way to basketball growing up. I played the toughest opponents possible, even though that meant getting beat badly many times.  However, I learned something from each loss and grew as a player as a result.  I was raised to not fear failure since it’s a great teacher. I was also taught to not fear asking silly questions from very successful people if I wanted to grow.

We have been involved in marketing for over 25 years, starting with our own companies and later helping others. My background working for a medical manufacturer has been immensely helpful, as was my experience in providing genetic tests to Medical groups. Helping friends and neighbors in our community hit their financial goals is one of the funnest things we do.

My experience promoting my own rock band nationwide turned out to provide valuable experience that I didn’t appreciate at the time.  Learning how to “turn up the volume” on our band’s brand with audio, videos, print media, and digital media showed me how to do the same for others.  Establishing your identity and understanding where you come from and where you’re going is everything for a band–and for your company.

My experience building mediocre, non-performing websites made me realize how much our agency needed to learn. We made them pretty, but they rarely landed on page one. So we went back to school, learned from the top-performing marketers in the country, and now we share their great strategies with our clients. Today we provide real clients and real cash flow that have saved businesses and made them more prosperous than they ever believed possible.

The results for our clients have been hard to describe.  Their stories are similar though.  It often sounds like this: “We’ve spent thousands of dollars on marketing the last year and got nothing out of it, so what can you do?” and then later, “We can’t believe the results you got us in one month–they exceeded the previous twelve months combined!”

Those types of stories drive us.  We’re naturally competitive so mediocre results aren’t acceptable.

We love to see you grow and achieve your goals.  We love helping people.  Companies are just one way to do that.

We spent many years working with college students at our local church–essentially acting as life coaches.  We helped them understand who they were, and supported them in overcoming their fears, while guiding them in the direction they were gifted in. We take that same attitude as we serve companies–helping them focus on specific goals based on who they are, and then providing a simple process and plan to help them get where they need to go.

We start by finding out if we honestly believe we can help you.  If we’re confident that we can, we’ll show you exactly how it will work–no secrets, no mystery.

We schedule regular reporting conversations that fit your schedule and make adjustments constantly to ensure a win.  It’s not rocket science–it’s a consistent, logical strategy to connect you to new meaningful relationships with your clients.

It’s a privilege to serve our clients.  We are grateful for the opportunity.  We want you to succeed and even pray for you regularly.  We want our legacy to extend beyond the dollars we produce for each client.


What we do

We take the guesswork out of Digital Marketing for Restoration companies.  Our strategies and systems are measurable, professional, & results-based.  Whether you're a new practice ready to launch or an established company looking to grow, or even a mature company who'd like to position yourself for a sale, we can help maximize your sales and produce real clients who you want to work with.


Social Media / Facebook Ads Management

Ever wondered how to advertise on Facebook or Instagram, or if those ads really work?  Wondering why your competition seems so excited about it?

Social Media is a great way to move your bottom line and connect with new clients.  We have hundreds of campaigns of experience to ensure real results.  We connect you to new clients and provide a follow-up system to win long-term relationships.  Let us help you spend more time doing what you love.



SEO Management

Is your website just a digital doorstop?  Ever wonder, "What is SEO or SEM marketing strategy?" Do you know what page you currently land on for search results?  How many potential clients who need your help but don't find you in search?

Ninety-five percent of searches never go past page one.  Page one performance isn't A thing-- it's EVERYTHING.  Our team knows Google, Bing, & Yahoo.  We know their formulae and requirements. We know how to get you the results you want to grow your company.


Pay-Per-Click Management

How many of your potential customers find your competition instead of you when they search?  Our team uses an active PPC system to connect you to the most qualified clients. The ones you'd like to work with.   We never set it on cruise control.  We manage your campaigns daily to optimize performance and make sure your dollars go as far as possible.



Web Development

Is your current website just for people who already know about you?  Ready for a website that Captures, Connects, and Converts great clients?  Our websites are designed to produce growth for your company or organization.  They are optimized for SEO & created to capture the right clients for your business.




“I can tell you.. and I’ve spent money on marketing before.. that I have never had a response like this.  We could not keep up with all of the leads that came through!” 

Dr Carol Bridges- CostCare

Fearless Leaders

We love working with our team.  They’re some of the most skilled and amazingly talented individuals we’ve ever met.  Not only do they know their areas of expertise, but they love taking care of our clients and making sure their needs are met.

Lonnie Bos

Lonnie Bos

CEO / Founder

Jessica B

Jessica B

Account Manager

Collin B

Collin B

Aerial Video/Post Production

Stephanie Bos

Stephanie Bos

Vice President

Susan P

Susan P

Graphic Design/Artist Extraordinaire

Khalil E

Khalil E

Project Manager

Richard G

Richard G

Visual Media/Tech Wizard

Brendan B

Brendan B

Video Production

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We are excited to help you grow your company and reach your goals. Our standard is to provide quality and care for each and every one of our clients.

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