Do I Need a New Website? What Do I Need to Know?

A friend asked me about his website today—wondering if we could help improve it, and how we approached web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I wrote him a short note. This snippet below may be helpful to you if you’re wondering if your site is well designed, or needs help.



Website Design Notes

All aesthetic decisions we make are based on best practices and cover imaging, layout, button management, and include:

  • Ease of Use + Simplicity in Navigation
  • Profession and Modern Design Elements
  • Trust Building + Authoritative Copy and Imaging 

With PPC, you must pay each time someone clicks on your ad link, and a job searcher is directed to your website. When these campaigns are properly planned and have adequate research behind them, you don’t have to worry about the price since the value of that visitor visiting your website will exceed the cost of the advertising.


A Site Should Include These Attributes/Features at a Minimum


  • Clear, logical reading order
  • Images that demonstrate what you do, and emphasize local connection (they should also be warm, positive, and inviting)
  • Short, clear communication of 1.) What you do, and 2.) What differentiates you from competition
  • Use of high-contrast colors on call-to-action buttons (CTAs) (this substantially increases your conversion rate)
  • Multiple strategic placements of CTAs
  • Regularly updated blog (we can help with this in our SEO package)
  • First page visible review quotes from current clients
  • Inclusion on all pages of a professionally designed logo
  • Top of fold (everything you see on a page before scrolling down) should include: CTA, differentiation, description, hero image, logo, and contact number
  • Applicable security certificates
  • Contact page with form
  • Links to all social media associated with your business 

That list does not include any of the background SEO work we do to optimize a site. We have an extensive list of items that we do in that regard. It can look a bit overwhelming if you’re not in it every day 🙂


Why We Prefer WordPress Templates


  • More options for SEO
  • Plugins are updated regularly 
  • Large number of customizable templates
  • The templates we use from WordPress auto-scale to different devices
  • Efficient load times (Google measures this)
  • Aesthetically simple to view, use, and share

We do always customize the templates since they normally are missing important elements that we use for best practices in SEO.



Turn-Around Timeframe

If we get the images and info we need from you quickly, we can usually turn your website around in under 30 days, depending on the review times. 


How We Start

1.) 15-minute exploratory call

2.) Free website audit to determine if you really do need a new site


Let's Have a short conversation to see if we can help. 

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