WIN Montana

Penguin Network Partners with  leaders who are interested in setting a clear vision for the future of Montana. 

Win Montana is our comprehensive program designed to help candidates win races that will set a strong foundation for our state.

Interested in Running for Office In Montana?

Know your positions on issues, but aren’t an expert in campaigning?

Maybe you’re wondering, “Where do I start?”

Or thinking, “I’ve never done this before. How can I win?”   

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with trying to learn about political strategy, strategic messaging, and modern digital media options.

Running for office doesn’t have to include a ton of unnecessary stress. We provide support where you need additional expertise and experience.


Who we are

We are Lonnie & Stephanie Bos, owners of Penguin Network.  We are Montana natives who love raising our family here, and hope to create a climate in Montana where future generations are able to enjoy Montana as much as we have.  We lead a team of digital marketing wizards who have years of experience in each of the areas we service.

We are passionate about helping candidates who share these priorities:

  • Constitutional Based, Limited Government Smaller Government
  • Individual Liberty & Property Rights
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Right To Bear Arms
  • Reduced Taxes
  • Pro-Life

We are strongly pro-life and currently work with ZOE Care in Bozeman, a pro-life advocacy group of medical providers who help women and men who are searching for answers to their difficult circumstances.


Winning ideas

There are a thousand ways to present an idea, whether it’s using video, photos, graphics or simple copy.  Our team works every day at honing these skills to help our clients deliver their strategy in a cohesive, relevant and timely manner.


Our Foundation

We are followers of Jesus Christ who believe that our Constitution is a huge blessing from God, and an exceptional anomaly in history.

Although we don’t believe politics are the most important factor in changing the community, we do see great opportunities there to influence our community and we enjoy partnering with like-minded people who share our vision.

We are convinced that God created Men and Women distinctly, and  that he also provides order through our government as well as families to provide an environment where kids can develop into the people He wants them to be.  

What we do

Social Media / Facebook Ads Management

Social Media including Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtbe and many others are key drivers in an campaign strategy.  They allow for hyper targeting of voters and create unique opportunities to connect at an organic level with the voter.  Unlike antique media like TV/Radio & Newspapers, Social Media allows candidates to set the length of the content and topic of conversation.

We have extensive experience designing and running complex social media strategies and can help you master the venue without drowning in the technical details?


SEO Management

Does a webiste exist if noone can find it?  We make sure they do.  This is called SEO- or Search Engine Optimization. 

Our team of experts understands the rules of the game and knows how to design your page in a way that gives it the best chance to land on page one of search results. 


Ninety-five percent of searches never go past page one.  Page one performance isn’t A thing– it’s EVERYTHING.  Our team knows Google, Bing, & Yahoo.  We know their formulae and requirements.   We know how to get you the results you need to grow your practice.


Professional Video Production

For over ten years, we’ve produced high quality professional video for businesses, charities and political campaigns.


Script/Concept Development

Communication Strategy

Planning for lighting, location, assets and post editing.

Post production for all media including social media, tv, youtube.

Variations of media to fit all venues and platforms.


CLICK BELOW TO RECEIVE more info on our video production services

Mailers & Campaign Consulting

We provide design services for mailers and provide monthly strategy sessions for messaging.

In addition, we can provide resources to make the printing process easier.



Pay-Per-Click Management

How many of your potential voters find your opponent instead of you when they search?  Our team uses an active PPC system to connect you to the most qualified advocates. The ones you’d like to pulling for you.  We never set it on cruise control.  We manage your campaigns daily to optimize performance and make sure your dollars go as far as possible.

Youtube is a big part of this approach, and is the second most used search engine.  With hyper targeting, we can show videos to a precise audience, maximizing your investment and reach.



Web Development

Is your current website just for people who already know about you?  Ready for a website that Captures, Connects, and Converts potential supporters?  Our websites are designed to produce growth for your campaign or organization.  They are optimized for SEO & created to capture the right clients for your business.



We call ourselves the “Distrust Busters”. 


Right now there are potential supporters out there who don’t trust you.  There’s one Reason. They don’t know you.  We understand how to gain their trust with a logical and comfortable  introduction process that leads to long term relationships.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Read real reviews below and watch the videos from our clients to hear their stories.  Let’s build a clear strategy to win the hearts and minds of Montana. s


In addition to our political campaign work, we have offered digital marketing strategies to companies across the US, focusing primarily in Montana.  We have provided hundreds of thousands of dollars of new business to many different companies, and provided a steady flow of new employees to them as well. 


We have owned several successful Montana based businesses including Montana’s largest indoor digital ad network.

Some Of Our PRevoius Clients

Real Impact,  Less Stress,

More Focus On What They're Great At

Montana HD 67

" I have had a great experience working with Lonnie and the Penguin network.  Every campaign I have run, I have utilized more of Penguin Networks services.  My last campaign, Lonnie and the team made me look like a star with very professional video clips.  Working with the Penguin Network was fun and rewarding, and I did win!"

Jedediah Hinkle

Montana Senate

Bozeman, MT

"Lonnie and his team did and amazing job helping with my campaign…. From weekly strategy meetings, to directing organic and professional videos, to producing mailers, and managing  and implementing social media strategies…   I’m sure we’ll be working together again in the future.”

Randy Chamberlin

Business Owner, Political Candidate

US Senate- Montana 

Steve Daines

United States Senate

"I can tell you.. and I've spent money on marketing before.. that I have never had a response like this.  We could not keep up with all of the leads that came through!" 

Dr Carol Bridges

Owner, Costcare

“ ..previously we'd gotten a lot of advice from others on marketing, and spent a lot of money without results.  We received a referral from another physician to Penguin Network.  The first month we made almost 10x what we invested with them.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business or scale in any way!”

Dr Douglas Walker

Owner, DW Primary Care & Aesthetics

Better Jobs Montana

Greg Gianforte

Governor, Montana, Bozeman Primary Care

Bozeman MT   

"Lonnie and the Penguin team were great- directing organic and professional videos, managing  and implementing social media strategies.  We will be working together again in the future.”

Greg Metzger

Business Owner, Political Candidate

Manhattan  MT   

Over 40 Employees in 16 months provided to the growing national manufacturer.

BlackHawk Vista Outdoors

Business Owner, Political Candidate

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